Creativity + Degree = Success As an Interior Designer

Do you want an interior design degree? This is a very exciting field of work that is becoming more and more popular as people are increasingly spending money to improve their homes. The popularity of home improvement and renovation TV shows has increased the desire to work on our own homes and make them into something special, rather than sell up to buy something more extravagant. People hire interior designers to guide them on the latest trends and advice for what sort of interior decorating would suit their house. Interior designers are also employed in the commercial sector such as in hospitality and corporate offices.There is no doubt that you must have a creative streak if you are to become a successful interior designer. You need to be able to take a bland room or space and turn it into something to suit the people, demographic, purpose and desires of the client. If you are not experienced with designing yet, studying courses, magazines, websites and other material will assist you on your way.Getting an interior design degree shows that you have proven yourself to be dedicated to the field. If you wish to be employed by a design firm then they will look fondly upon your degree. Likewise, if you choose to run your own interior decorating business then your clients will be comfortable in knowing that you are qualified.An interior design degree goes beyond teaching you the basics. It will teach you innovation, creativity, business skills, colors, concepts and more. Most degrees also give you work experience in the field, working with professional interior designers so you can get a feel of what it is all about in a practical sense.What exactly does an interior designer do?He or she advises clients about the reorganizing, redecorating or initial decorating of internal spaces. This can be in new homes, old homes, offices, hotels and other locations. The interior designer generally sketches out design ideas and works with the client to perfect the layout. Colors are a major focus of interior designers as are materials.The selection of fabrics, furniture, storage, colors and other aspects of a room are important parts of an interior designers work. A designer should have strong contacts with decorators, electricians, builders and upholsterers amongst others in order to be able to accurately quote prices and delivery estimates.Interior designing is a highly rewarding career and getting an interior design degree is the best way to start.