Business Plan – Either Think Outside the Box Or Get Trapped Inside

What is Creative Business Thinking?You always here the saying, “Thinking Outside the Box,” but what exactly does it mean? Many believe thinking out of the box uses the right side of the brain or the creative side. Thinking of a solution that is somehow outside of what you already know and do, coming up with something totally new.Thinking inside the box is the opposite, acceptable and happy with things at status quo. In the box thinkers find it difficult to recognize the quality of an idea. They believe an idea is just an idea and a solution is just a solution. Usually stereotyped as “pigheaded” when it comes to valuing an idea. They rarely invest time or creativity in finding a solution. Here are some more examples of both:Inside The Box Thinker:-Like to stick to the plan and nothing else
-Not interested in risky ideas
-Not interested in overly creative ideas-The opposite of an “innovative thinker”
-Okay to do what everyone else is doing if it works
-Stubborn, not interested in others opinion or ideas
-Not up for changeOutside the Box Thinker:-Always thinking of new and exciting ideas
-Don’t care too much what everyone else is doing
-The more creative the better-Risk takers on risky ideas
-Willingness to take new perspectives to day-to-day work
-Never happy with settling for success, always trying to take to higher level
-Not afraid to do the opposite of normal
-Not stubborn, all ideas welcomeAlways remember, grown ups can look at a box and see it as just a box. However a child can look at a box and see it as a thousand different things…a fort, a car, a bed, a chair, a table, etc…. Sometimes in order to succeed in business, you need to step outside the box and expand your mind like you did as a child. You may be surprised of the outcome!